FINALLY – Take Control of your Own Web Presence and NEVER Rely on Web Designers Again!

The only course that teaches you everything you need to know to plan for, create, and market a small business Website in just 10 weeks.

When I first started designing sites, I was a business owner just like you.

I’ll be honest…back then, I had no idea what it took to create a site that not only looked good, but actually converted.

And it was especially frustrating that any time I needed to change something on the site I had to pull my hair out trying to figure things out myself…or pay some techie hundreds of dollars to make the fix for me.

I still remember years ago when I first started, almost in tears trying to change the tiniest of things on the site…

That’s when I realized…in this era of lightning-fast online business and a seemingly infinite amount of competition out there..if I’m going to compete, I need to be able to make changes *faster* than the competition can. I need to learn how to create Websites.

So I did…I dedicated years of my life to learning not only the technical side of putting a site on the Internet, but the strategic side of creating sites that actually sell something.

The problem was…this information was not all in one place. I had to learn the tech side one place, the marketing another place, and finding answers to simple questions was an all-night Google hunt.

Now that I *am* a Web Master, and have helped dozens of business owners across the World grow their businesses online, I decided it’s time to change that…

INTRODUCING: The 10 Weeks to Web Mastery Video Course

No more guessing…No more hunting…this is it, baby. All in one place. In this 5-module, in-depth video course, we will cover:

• Module 1 – Marketing Strategy: We will determine *exactly* what you need and the direction your site should take in order to get the maximum benefit and make you the most money. This module isn’t just about your Website, but your business as a whole. You’re going to learn how to develop a sales funnel so that your Website is a greased chute for visitors that ends in them giving you money.

• Module 2 – Copywriting and Content Creation: You will learn how to craft effective Website copy that not only inspires your visitors, but inspires them to take action.

• Module 3 – Web Design Mastery (For the Tech Unsavvy): This is the most sought-after piece of this course. This is where you’re going to learn how to actually bring your ideas to life and into the Web. Now, I have made this so brain-dead easy that if your only experience with computers is using Microsoft Word and browsing Facebook, you will still be able to follow these instructions and create your own dream Websites.

• Module 4 – Web Optimization and Diagnostic Check: This is all about polish. Using the right tools to check over the site, make sure it’s fully optimized, and that you don’t get penalized by Google in the rankings or by visitors when they don’t buy anything.

• Module 5 – Follow-Up and Customer Relationship Management: You will learn what happens when a visitor comes to your site and doesn’t buy anything. How to track, market to, and create process for converting non-buying Website visitors.

Here’s How You Get Started:

This might seem like a lot…and it is. A lot of research and time went into creating this content for you.

I’ve broken this down step-by-step with videos, resources, and everything you need to succeed in mastering the Web.

So if you’re ready to take control of your own Web presence, simply click the button below to get started. You will be taken to a registration page where you will be prompted to purchase access to the Website.

Once you check out, you will be given immediate access to the site and can get started as soon as you are ready.

Thanks, and talk to you soon,
Collin Stover


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