How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly in a Week WITHOUT Spending a Fortune on a full site redesign!

Do you want to:

  • Raise your rankings in Google?
  • Make more sales on your Website?
  • Beat your competition on the Web?
Click to make your site mobile-friendly

Here are some stats for you:

Google says
of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing. Google uses mobile-friendliness as a key factor in ranking Websites in search results.

Average smartphone conversion rates are up
compared to the average desktop conversion rates.

of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours.
Click to make your site mobile-friendly

“Okay I get it…being mobile-friendly is important…but how can you help?”

I’m glad you asked, anonymous visitor!

I help businesses in Pittsburgh and across the nation make their Websites mobile-friendly in a timeframe of just one week…without changing the design of the site.

In other words, your Website will still look like it does now — but it will scale correctly on mobile devices.

“We worked with Collin to develop a website for our multi-location practice.

Our goal was to create a website that was clean and mobile friendly, as well as something that walked the fine line between looking sophisticated enough for our younger patients and being easy to use for our older ones.

Collin did all of this and more. His service was out of this world, and everything was done at an affordable price.

In just the 4 months since the site went live, we’ve had 3,025 visits from 2,184 users, totaling 10,003 page views. An impressive 79.5% of our website traffic has come from Google, which shows that this site WORKS.

We’ve had 45 inquiries from both new and existing patients on our site, which resulted in 24 new patient appointments for our practice.

It’s simple…the website Collin designed has paid for itself in just a few short months, and we couldn’t be happier. What’s even better is that Collin has taught our in-house staff how to run the site themselves so we can be self-sufficient, and yet he is always available to follow-through with support when we get stuck or need something else implemented. Thanks Collin!”Dr. Aaron Smuckler, Renaissance Family Practice

“How do I know if my site is mobile friendly or not?”

Another great question! You’re on fire, today!

I’ve made it really easy for you. Just fill out the form below and I will tell you if your site is mobile-friendly or not by testing it with Google as well as several other professional analytic tools. 

By the way, I will never share your Email with anyone you don’t want me to. I hate SPAM too.

PS If you KNOW your site isn’t mobile-friendly, or you want to ask me some other questions about your site…visit this link to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.