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What others are saying about Collin Stover: Web Design & Internet Marketing

"Collin is WONDERFUL! His response time is excellent, he is extremely patient, and he truly loves what he does. Collin helped me get my website back up and running when it was hacked last year. He cares about his clients and is extremely accommodating to their needs. I can't recommend Collin enough!"
Athena Concannon, Achieve With Athena
Achieve With Athena

"My site went down at the WORST possible time - right before a training...on a Sunday 8:30 PM. This happened to me in the past and I spent hours on the phone with Godaddy trying to guess and figure out what was wrong.

Luckily, I was a member of Collin's program - so I sent a quick Email asking him to look into it.

Within 90 minutes of my sending an Email, Collin had found the issue and restored the site. It’s really nice to be able to shoot a quick email and not have to try to pretend to figure it out myself. It really takes a lot of stress and pressure off me, and I got to train my clients last night without worrying about it. Thank you!"

Justine Cappel, Twenty Toes Fitness
Fresh Eyes Editing

"I already had a Website, but I needed a change. The site that I had just wasn't user-friendly to add and update myself, and it wasn't drawing traffic or generating leads. I saw another site that Collin designed and was really impressed. After scheduling a call, I was even more impressed with Collin. I have had my site designed twice before, and Collin is the best designer I've worked with. I absolutely loved that he includes a strategy phase where he had a real plan to find out "who" my business is and who it serves, and to build a site that reflects those. Other designers I've worked with didn't take the time to find out much about me or the business and its clients. After working with Collin, I feel some renewed enthusiasm about my vision for my business."

So great, she just had to review twice! 😉

“After Collin did some amazing work on creating a website—including amazing content—for my business, I knew I needed to make use of his expertise as much as possible. I was thrilled when he began offering monthly service plans. I’ve really appreciated the consideration he puts into our monthly strategy calls, and he has been stellar at generating content and coming up with ways to market my services. He’s really a website developer, marketer, and business coach in one, and you will be glad to have his energy on your team!”

Sheila Cherry, Fresh Eyes Editing, LLC
Emily Gough Coaching
"Collin's web design and marketing services are personalized and tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. As an entrepreneur, I value personalized performance and attention to detail. Highly recommended."
Dr. Kyle Wallner, Michigan Family Wellness
Body By Banner
"I have been working with Collin for several months now and he consistently over delivers. He has mastered the ability to surprise and delight his clients with super fast service, fresh ideas and friendly, super professional service. I am so grateful for Collin and is help to transform my online presence."
Carolyn Banner, Body by Banner
Pulmonary Consultants Pittsburgh

“We worked with Collin to develop a website for our multi-location practice.

Our goal was to create a website that was clean and mobile friendly, as well as something that walked the fine line between looking sophisticated enough for our younger patients and being easy to use for our older ones. Collin did all of this and more. His service was out of this world, and everything was done at an affordable price.

In just the 4 months since the site went live, we’ve had 3,025 visits from 2,184 users, totaling 10,003 page views. An impressive 79.5% of our website traffic has come from Google, which shows that this site WORKS. We’ve had 45 inquiries from both new and existing patients on our site, which resulted in 24 new patient appointments for our practice.

It’s simple…the website Collin designed has paid for itself in just a few short months, and we couldn’t be happier. What’s even better is that Collin has taught our in-house staff how to run the site themselves so we can be self-sufficient, and yet he is always available to follow-through with support when we get stuck or need something else implemented. Thanks Collin!”

Dr. Aaron Smuckler, Renaissance Family Practice
Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop

"We invested in Collin's services to upgrade our site to being mobile-friendly. We were confident in his ability to accomplish our goals, and since changing the site we have already noticed an increase in mobile appointment bookings. Collin was fast, flexible, and responded well to communications. We have worked with other designers in the past, and Collin clearly has a higher level of professionalism and knowledge. Thanks Collin!"

Rich Timmerman, Medica...The Healing Arts
Fairview Floral Shop 3G

"I reached out to Collin because I was making big changes in my business in terms of the products and services I was offering. I wanted to add new online features that would be more aligned with my virtual presences. During the initial strategy phase, Collin did a great job of keeping me accountable and on-time, which was really important in helping a busy business-owner like me focus on what is important. My first reaction to the newly designed site was that it was clean, simple, and easy to navigate — and I know that this is a result of Collin's take-charge, systemized approach to taking client feedback and designing a site based on their unique needs. I've worked with other designers on corporate jobs with large systems, and Collin Stover was much more efficient and self-propelled. I was really not used to someone taking control like him, but it's exactly what I needed. Thank you for being patient and supportive, Collin. It helps to have someone on your team that you can depend on."

Kelly Haywiser, Owner, Holistic Approach 4 Life
Twenty Toes Fitness
Collin was a life saver! Not only did he help me restore my site, he also gave me wonderful advice. He is easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!
Jen Qualk, Qualk Photography
Orthopaedic Specialists Pittsburgh
"Collin is a bright, out of the box thinker. As a web designer, I'm impressed with Collin's grasp of marketing and focus on generating real results for your business."
Steve Peck, 8-Pecks Marketing
"I really needed a website done quickly for my upcoming book release. Originally, I was going to work with my current developer who operates my fitness training studio page, but her quote was just too much for me to bare. I was referred to Collin from my publisher who aid he had reasonable rates and a quick turnaround. All of that was true, but the quality of the website is what truly shocked me. This website looks so professional, edgy, and just all around so incredible I literally was screaming with excitement when Collin showed me the proof! If you want a great website that showcases who you are and your expertise for the best rates , and have it all completed at lighting speed, Collin is your man!"
Janelle Pica, Fitness Expert
The powerful thing about working with Collin is that you think you are hiring someone to create your website, someone that falls under the IT category for your business solutions, but Collin brings you so much more. Collin is very valuable and his expertise as an entrepreneur enables him to look at the big picture, guiding you skillfully in the direction of fewer struggles and more successes. Collin is dedicated not only to his own success but to his clients’ success as well. He empowers his clients with knowledge about his products and services enabling them to be successful long after his services are completed. Collin is particular about the work that he does and his customer service etiquette provides you with products and services that will leave you completely satisfied.
Mary Reis, Authentic Awareness Coaching, LLC
If you want impeccable service from someone who knows EXACTLY what it takes to position you as the go-to expert in your field, Collin is your guy. Excellent customer service, knowledgeable, and innovative. What else can you ask for when you’re trying to take your business to the next level? I highly recommend Collin to all my clients without any hesitation.
Maryalice Goldsmith, Maryalice Goldsmith Coaching, LLC
Harmony Life Center

"My website was really nothing more than a couple of static pages.  It wasn't anything I shared with people nor anything my customers would use unless they needed to send me an email, and access the contact form on the site.  

I started working with Collin based upon a recommendation from a friend of mine.  I loved her site and wanted something that would communicate to my customers, exactly who I am and what my mission is.  

I really didn't want to work with anyone on the website.  I've always been an "I'll learn how to do it for myself" type of person.  I'd read and studied a lot about creating web pages and using Wordpress.  I had resigned myself to the fact that I was wasting a lot of time and not getting any closer to a great site.  

That started me asking friends for recommendations.  I talked to a couple of other web designers but I just didn't "click" with anyone. I didn't get a sense of professionalism from any of them.  The prices seemed really high for what they were offering to me.  

Collin is absolutely amazing!  He's not "just" a web designer.  During the strategy phase I felt like I was working with a business coach! I felt so much more focused after our strategy session.  I knew what I wanted to say and how I wanted to communicate that to my clients.

And due to the time we spent on strategy, the content-creation phase was simply a matter of plug and play.  It was a breeze!!

I loved the website fro the moment I saw it.  The colors were perfect.  The site was easy to navigate and it had everything I wanted.  I really felt, "this is a site I will be proud to share with people."

Collin answered every question I had within a very timely manner.  He was so helpful and professional.  Each minor thing I noticed and needed changed was taken care of quickly.  Customer service was absolutely top notch.  

I am a perfectionist and hold myself to an incredibly high standard.  My business is a direct reflection of me.  I was looking for someone who would take the task of web design as seriously as I did.  Collin was amazing!  I felt comfortable throughout the entire process.  As I said, it was more like I was working with a friend and business coach, not "just" a web designer.  He took the time to get to know me and my business.  For that, I will be forever appreciative."

Debbie Hatch, Pinnacle Personnel Services, LLC
Pinnacle Personnel Services

Collin is an absolute breath of fresh air, fresh air that I have had the good fortune to inhale from the very first moment of contact. I didn’t search Collin out, his confidence, sincerity and hard work coupled with huge experience relevant to his years led him to find me due to his talent in marketing.
He has helped me enormously in a relatively short period of time from “across the pond.” I have grown to know that I can trust Collin to get back to me asap every time I have had a query or in need of help.

I guess that children’s hypnotic bedtime stories and therefore dealing with parents is not his usual comfortable niche but he has taken to it like a duck to water.

Two previous attempts of mine at trying to find and working with someone who could understand and be almost as passionate as I am in helping children throughout the world with downloads and CD’s that combine hypnotherapy and story- telling failed. Not so with Collin he gets it completely and his humour and command of the English language make him a delight to work with. Although his knowledge of websites and computers is excellent he is very un-techy and gets to the point quickly.

Thanks to him in addition to our English parents we have now have children in America and Australia. I know that with his help that is only the start of our world wise mission, one which I am confident I will be sharing with the best person possible for the task, yes you’ve guessed it by now, Mr. Stover.

Patricia Jackson, Jackson & Jackson Hypnotic Bedtime Stories
Skin Logic Dermatology

"I am so grateful I hired Collin last month for marketing and website consulting! He immediately discovered that one of my sites had been hacked, to my surprise! He very thoroughly found the hack, re-secured the site and was certain to communicate protection procedures to all involved. Such a scary situation, that I never imagined happening...and he handled it urgently and completely. Not to mention, he will continue to ensure no further hacks! So very grateful to have hired someone that can handle the tech side of things- which I know very little- to keep my businesses and my clients safe! Thanks Collin!"

Nikki Blair Jones, REAL Leadership
Grateful Fitness NY
"Collin knows his stuff and was invaluable in helping me fine-tune so many pieces to my business."
Michelle Rycroft, Ripped by Rycroft
Lombardi Auto Body
“Collin was the perfect choice to help our practice build an online presence. He was extremely knowledgeable in the field and was very helpful in guiding us in the right direction. Our website is user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and professional. We look for the website to play an important role in the continuous growth of our practice.”
Evan Fraundorfer, Manager at Pulmonary Consultants-UPMC
Candace Smith

"I've known Collin for over two years, and he has helped me with my website for the past year. I've been very happy with the website re-design that he put together. Collin gave me specific directions in terms of putting together an email marketing campaign. Any web designer should be able to design an attractive site. But Collin looks at it from a marketing perspective. His goal is to get you more website conversions, which will turn into more paying customers and clients. I am an attorney, but I operate in some specialized niche areas of law. So, he helped to review a free special report that I wrote, and he made tweaks to it. And he helped me with my email marketing messages. I have dealt with other website specialists before, but none of them thought of doing what he did. I have recommended Collin to other friends and colleagues and they have all been as happy as me."

Shawn Wright, Law Office of Shawn N. Wright, Pittsburgh
"AWESOME --- is a delightful description for Collin Stover. If you have ever dealt with website designers and been absolutely confused and disappointed the end of the relationship......that will not happen with Collin. He is a breath of fresh air with an added bonus of consideration and professionalism. He rises up and above the call of duty to deliver the best assuring his customers satisfied. Our company has 20+ years of presence on the web and Collin is the most down to earth real person with a dash of personality we have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Collin has given a new meaning to CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!"
LouAnn Malta, Bella Intl.
Three Rivers Orthopedics

“We hired Collin to redesign our Website, both to give it a breath of “fresh air,” and to re-strategize, as we weren’t getting as many patients filling out appointment forms as we would have liked.

When we first sat Collin down in our office to talk to him, we had a list of questions for him about our Website. Collin took the time to answer each one thoroughly, and in a language we could understand as non-tech people. This level of accessibility has continued, and it is something that sticks out about Collin.

Not only did he give us the breath of fresh air we were looking for (even the colors on our site look brighter!), but in just one month we have over 20-timesed our investment with him. New and returning patients alike are finding us on the Web and filling out our booking forms, and that makes the project a success in my book. Thanks Collin!”

Patti Cicuto, RN, BSN, Program Director, Three Rivers Orthopedic Associates-UPMC
Renaissance Family Practice
I have found it very difficult to handle all of the day to day tasks of running a business and at the same time maintain a top notch website. It is a great relief to have someone like Collin with such tremendous knowledge and energy working with me. He is extremely professional and conscientious and he always delivers a fantastic product at an affordable price. He even helped me with my Facebook page. He has many options and plans to choose from and I highly recommend him to anyone wishing to grow their business! Thanks Collin!
Ken Hasselrig, Dovecote White Dove Releases