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What People Are Saying About Collin Stover: Pittsburgh Web Design and Internet Marketing

Collin is an absolute breath of fresh air, fresh air that I have had the good fortune to inhale from the very first moment of contact. I didn’t search Collin out, his confidence, sincerity and hard work coupled with huge experience relevant to his years led him to find me due to his talent in marketing.

He has helped me enormously in a relatively short period of time from “across the pond.” I have grown to know that I can trust Collin to get back to me asap every time I have had a query or in need of help.

I guess that children’s hypnotic bedtime stories and therefore dealing with parents is not his usual comfortable niche but he has taken to it like a duck to water.

Two previous attempts of mine at trying to find and working with someone who could understand and be almost as passionate as I am in helping children throughout the world with downloads and CD’s that combine hypnotherapy and story- telling failed. Not so with Collin he gets it completely and his humour and command of the English language make him a delight to work with. Although his knowledge of websites and computers is excellent he is very un-techy and gets to the point quickly.

Thanks to him in addition to our English parents we have now have children in America and Australia. I know that with his help that is only the start of our world wise mission, one which I am confident I will be sharing with the best person possible for the task, yes you’ve guessed it by now, Mr. Stover.

Patricia Jackson, Jackson & Jackson Hypnotic Bedtime Stories
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“We worked with Collin to develop a website for our multi-location practice. Our goal was to create a website that was clean and mobile friendly, as well as something that walked the fine line between looking sophisticated enough for our younger patients and being easy to use for our older ones. Collin did all of this and more. His service was out of this world, and everything was done at an affordable price. In just the 4 months since the site went live, we’ve had 3,025 visits from 2,184 users, totaling 10,003 page views. An impressive 79.5% of our website traffic has come from Google, which shows that this site WORKS. We’ve had 45 inquiries from both new and existing patients on our site, which resulted in 24 new patient appointments for our practice. It’s simple…the website Collin designed has paid for itself in just a few short months, and we couldn’t be happier. What’s even better is that Collin has taught our in-house staff how to run the site themselves so we can be self-sufficient, and yet he is always available to follow-through with support when we get stuck or need something else implemented. Thanks Collin!”Dr. Aaron Smuckler, Renaissance Family Practice
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“We hired Collin to redesign our Website, both to give it a breath of “fresh air,” and to re-strategize, as we weren’t getting as many patients filling out appointment forms as we would have liked.

When we first sat Collin down in our office to talk to him, we had a list of questions for him about our Website. Collin took the time to answer each one thoroughly, and in a language we could understand as non-tech people. This level of accessibility has continued, and it is something that sticks out about Collin.

Not only did he give us the breath of fresh air we were looking for (even the colors on our site look brighter!), but in just one month we have over 20-timesed our investment with him. New and returning patients alike are finding us on the Web and filling out our booking forms, and that makes the project a success in my book. Thanks Collin!”Patti Cicuto, RN, BSN, Program Director, Three Rivers Orthopedic Associates-UPMC

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