I help small business owners put an END to making boring and confusing Website changes themselves through my affordable no-contract Website Maintenance Membership Programs. I also strategically design beautiful mobile-friendly Websites from scratch for those who need a fresh start.

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What People Are Saying About Collin Stover Web Design & Internet Marketing, LLC:

“My website was really nothing more than a couple of static pages. It wasn’t anything I shared with people nor anything my customers would use unless they needed to send me an email, and access the contact form on the site.
I started working with Collin based upon a recommendation from a friend of mine. I loved her site and wanted something that would communicate to my customers, exactly who I am and what my mission is.

I really didn’t want to work with anyone on the website. I’ve always been an “I’ll learn how to do it for myself” type of person. I’d read and studied a lot about creating web pages and using WordPress. I had resigned myself to the fact that I was wasting a lot of time and not getting any closer to a great site.

That started me asking friends for recommendations. I talked to a couple of other web designers but I just didn’t “click” with anyone. I didn’t get a sense of professionalism from any of them. The prices seemed really high for what they were offering to me.

Collin is absolutely amazing! He’s not “just” a web designer. During the strategy phase I felt like I was working with a business coach! I felt so much more focused after our strategy session. I knew what I wanted to say and how I wanted to communicate that to my clients.

And due to the time we spent on strategy, the content-creation phase was simply a matter of plug and play. It was a breeze!!

I loved the website fro the moment I saw it. The colors were perfect. The site was easy to navigate and it had everything I wanted. I really felt, “this is a site I will be proud to share with people.”

Collin answered every question I had within a very timely manner. He was so helpful and professional. Each minor thing I noticed and needed changed was taken care of quickly. Customer service was absolutely top notch.

I am a perfectionist and hold myself to an incredibly high standard. My business is a direct reflection of me. I was looking for someone who would take the task of web design as seriously as I did. Collin was amazing! I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. As I said, it was more like I was working with a friend and business coach, not “just” a web designer. He took the time to get to know me and my business. For that, I will be forever appreciative.”Debbie Hatch, Pinnacle Personnel Services, LLC

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“I already had a Website, but I needed a change. The site that I had just wasn’t user-friendly to add and update myself, and it wasn’t drawing traffic or generating leads. I saw another site that Collin designed and was really impressed. After scheduling a call, I was even more impressed with Collin. I have had my site designed twice before, and Collin is the best designer I’ve worked with. I absolutely loved that he includes a strategy phase where he had a real plan to find out “who” my business is and who it serves, and to build a site that reflects those. Other designers I’ve worked with didn’t take the time to find out much about me or the business and its clients. After working with Collin, I feel some renewed enthusiasm about my vision for my business.”
(So great, she just had to review twice!) . ?

“After Collin did some amazing work on creating a website—including amazing content—for my business, I knew I needed to make use of his expertise as much as possible. I was thrilled when he began offering monthly service plans. I’ve really appreciated the consideration he puts into our monthly strategy calls, and he has been stellar at generating content and coming up with ways to market my services. He’s really a website developer, marketer, and business coach in one, and you will be glad to have his energy on your team!”Sheila Cherry, PhD, ELS, Founder, President, Senior Editor; Fresh Eyes Editing

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“If you want impeccable service from someone who knows EXACTLY what it takes to position you as the go-to expert in your field, Collin is your guy. Excellent customer service, knowledgable, and innovative. What else can you ask for when you’re trying to take your business to the next level? I highly recommend Collin to all my clients without any hesitation.”Maryalice Goldsmith, Maryalice Goldsmith LLC
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